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New ​Update | تحديث​ جديد
​WhatsApp GAMods v6


After Enter to App press Restart to enable options

What,s New in Update v6  ?

* Update to version 2.18.17

* Added Option to Display long messages without
* Added new emojis.
* Added option to Disable notification while playing voice notes
* Added option to delete the line between chats and calls in the Home screen
* Added option to Hide Conversation Info
* Added option to Show Options without Icons(Remove Icons from beside Options)
* Added option to Restore (Old UI Settings) Show Options with Icons(Restore Icons from beside Options)
* Added option to Manage group admins to make / remove admins
* Added option to choose who can change groups (subject , icon , description)
* Ability to Set your Name and your Status in ActionBar instead of WhatsApp
* Ability to add more than 256 in the broadcast list to a maximum of 1025
* Ability to search in a group information about a member
* Ability to send Video to Story of a 14-minute instead of 30 seconds
* Ability to send images with high quality
* ability to send image or video storeis with high accuracy
* Enabled mention bubble edge
* Enabled Change Number Notification
* Fixed Old UI in Some Devices
* Other fixed



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